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NeuroMage is designed to engage players in a supernatural duel between two powerful sorcerers. Battle gameplay is interspersed with periods requiring calm meditation or intense concentration to acquire spell knowledge. 

Meditation and concentration brainwave levels are measured using the passive EEG sensors of the lightweight NeuroSky Mindwave headset. Basic spells introduce the player to the rules of the game and the skills required to control brainwaves. As the game progresses, you must work to master your mind in order to build your book of increasingly formidable spells.

The Story

In the beginning, there was the Light and there was the Shadow. They were as one. For eons they coexisted in a perfect balance. They were as one until the bedrock beneath their feet rumbled and a great chasm grew between them. The Light became pure goodness, the Shadow pure evil, and they each began to cast their own will upon the World below and upon each other. Each mage was newborn and ignorant of the elements of the World. Each mage was impulsive. He cast down his wrath with impunity. He tired quickly, becoming defenseless, vulnerable, erratic. It soon became apparent that the sole path to enlightenment was self-control. Only through self-control could the mage reach his true potential, harness the elements and build his army and his arsenal to defeat his opponent.